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Pool Opening and Closing

Part of Pool Mart's year round service includes seasonal pool opening and closing procedures. If you would like to request a service, please download the form, complete and email it to us, or just bring it in-store.

Pool Construction

At Pool Mart, you can buy a pool and have us construct it for you! Our capable staff provides superior care when setting up at your home. Contact us or stop by to learn more!

Water Chemistry

We recommend you run your pool pump an average of six to eight hours daily. A properly sized pump and filter system will completely turn over your body of water one time, each day. Some people will run their pumps 24/7. This is fine and you will find it is easier to maintain clear water throughout the season.

By filtering out dirt particles and sediment your pool water will remain clear and safe. The filter system should be sized to the pool! This means that the pump, motor and filter must be sized to each other. Filters must be cleaned (or backwashed) when pressure rides 10 PSI above the starting pressure.

Pools should be vacuumed weekly to help maintain clean water. If algae is present, floors and walls should be brushed to allow the chemicals time to destroy and oxidize the live organics. Surface skimming with a long handled leaf skimmer will remove floating debris.

At first, we recommend frequent testing until you establish proper dosage for YOUR pool. After a “routine” is underway, weekly testing is fine. Remember that variables such as heavy bather load, water temperature over 80°F, rainstorm or windstorms can add organics to your pool that may require a “shock” treatment and/or pH or total alkalinity. We recommend you allow Pool Mart to professionally test your at least 3 times per summer.

Three Major Chemicals Required

We recommend a “non-stabilized” calcium hypochlorite. We carry this product in two forms: Granular and in a Capsule. Daily doses are recommended for the granular chlorine and weekly doses with the capsule. Our staff will be happy to guide you in the correct usage and amount.

Chlorine Stabilizer
When used in conjunction with calcium hypochlorite, this product will allow much smaller dosage of chlorine. Bring your water in for a test in the spring and again mid–summer to be certain your chlorine is getting the UV protection it needs. If we experience a lot if rain, a “booster” supply of stabilizer will be required. If not, your normal dose of chlorine will disappear and algae will appear.

This product should be used on a weekly basis to inhibit the growth of algae. Even when your pool has the proper amount chlorine some forms of algae, such as, Mustard, Brown, and Black algae can still grow. These forms of algae are resistant to chlorine and when an algaecide is used weekly you are less likely to have the unpleasant and expensive task of getting rid of those algae. Note: If too much algaecide is add your pool will become foaming. Our staff will be happy to guide you in the correct amount to keep your pool safe from any algae or foam.

*Feel free to bring in a sample of your water so our staff can professionally test it.